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Conference FAQ 2023

We're excited to have you join us for the HCEA 2023 Virtual Conference. Below you will find information that can be useful to you as you prepare to attend the meeting. You can find:

Registration Information
Technology Tips
Presentation Formats
Continuing Education Information
Other Valuable Information




Why attend HCEA 2023 Conference?

Attending HCEA 2023 Conference is one of the best opportunities this year to learn the latest research, updates, and network with your colleagues across the profession.


Who can attend the Conference?

HCEA welcomes participation from both members and non-members working in any health care education role.


Since the Conference is entirely virtual and I am presenting remotely, do I still have to register for the Conference?

Yes. As with HCEA in-person Conferences, all presenters are required to register.


When does the 2023 Conference registration open?

Registration is now open. Register here.


Who do I contact with registration and/or virtual conference questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Member Services at [email protected]. Our staff may be experiencing a higher-than-normal level of inquiries about the virtual meeting. Please be patient while waiting for a response. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.


I will be unable to attend the entire conference. Do I have to pay the full registration?

For the 2023 Conference, HCEA is offering a one-day registration option. If you cannot attend the full conference, you can register for one day only. 


What if I don’t receive a registration confirmation?

If you do not receive a confirmation email within one week of registering, email HCEA Member Services at [email protected] to verify that your registration has been received.


What is the HCEA 2023 Cancellation Policy?

Any Conference registration cancellation must be made in writing directly to HCEA. If received on or before September 6, 2023, HCEA will apply a $50 USD administrative fee and refund the remainder of your registration fee. After September 6, 2023, no refund will be given.

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I have an issue accessing the event site on my phone or tablet.

HCEA suggests using Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop computer. Although Zoom can work on personal devices the quality may not be the same. 


I did not receive the login email OR cannot login to the event site.

  • Send a password reset email to yourself.
  • Visit the event site’s login page:
  • Click Forgot Password and follow the steps.
  • Verify you registered with the correct email address.
  • Reminder, the email address you registered with is your username.


The Zoom audio is choppy.

  • Leave and rejoin the Zoom meeting.
  • Close and reopen Chrome.
  • Ensure you have a strong internet connection.
    • Move your computer closer to your wireless router or access point.
    • Connect your computer to a hard-wired internet connection.
  • Close all Chrome tabs besides the event site (and this help article).
  • Close all computer applications besides Chrome.
  • Connect a laptop to a hard-wired power supply.


I cannot hear Zoom audio.

  • Ensure you clicked the Join Audio by Computer button when first joining the Zoom meeting. If you don’t see this button, click Join Audio in the bottom left corner of Zoom to show it again.
  • If audio is joined by computer, click the up arrow icon ^ in the bottom left corner of Zoom next to the microphone icon. Ensure the correct speaker is selected. If still no Zoom audio, ensure other computer sounds can play from the selected speaker. If not, try selecting a different speaker in Zoom or adjust your computer’s sound settings.
  • Ensure Chrome is allowed access to sound for the site:
      1. Click the padlock icon at the top of Chrome on the left side of the address bar.
      2. Select Allow next to Sound. Microphone & Camera are not applicable for Zoom webinars.
      3. Close the small settings window.
      4. Click Reload in the new message at the top of Chrome below the address bar to apply site changes.

*If you do not see the Sound setting after clicking the padlock icon, then click Site Settings.

      1. A new Chrome tab will open. Scroll down to the Sound setting and select Allow.
      2. Close this tab and return to the event site tab.
      3. Click Reload in the new message at the top of Chrome below the address bar to apply site changes.
  • Leave and rejoin the Zoom meeting.
  • Close and reopen Chrome.

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The Presentations and Keynote Speakers will either be pre-recorded or presented live. If the session is pre-recorded, the presenters will be available for Q&A after each presentation unless time runs over. Attendees are asked to share their questions in the Zoom chat box to be addressed at the end of each presentation.

The poster presenters have recorded a short presentation that will be viewed by attendees during the time allocated for the poster session. Each presenter will be available for Q&A time after the recording has played. PDF versions of the posters will be available on the virtual site for viewing at any time. Attendees are asked to place their questions in the zoom chat box to be addressed at the end of each presentation.


What does “LIVE Q&A” mean?

LIVE Q&A will take place during each session. The Q&A will be moderated by the designated moderator. Moderated Q&A will be hosted within the “chat box” feature of the online meeting platform. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask a presenter a question by typing it in the chat box. Presenters will answer the questions live on camera once the streaming of the pre-recorded talk(s) have concluded.

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Does the HCEA Virtual Conference offer Continuing Education credits?

The HCEA 2023 Virtual Conference will offer up to 15.3 Continuing Nursing Education hours and up to 15.25 CHES/MCHES hours. Attendees can sign up to receive these continuing education credits during registration. HCEA offers these free of charge to attendees. If you registered and didn’t select that you would like the credits, please email [email protected]. Applicants must complete and return the attendance record and any required post-tests to receive the continuing education credit.


How do I receive my Continuing Nursing Education and/or CHES/MCHES hours for the HCEA Virtual Conference?

After the Conference ends, an email will be sent to attendees containing the conference evaluation form for continuing education. Simply complete the survey to receive a certificate for your continuing education credit. You must only claim continuing education credit for the sessions in which you attended.

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Is there a program to view, or how will I know what sessions to attend?

The preliminary program is published on the HCEA website, providing the program schedule and other Conference information. The final program will provide a key to help attendees easily find sessions within the many content areas covered. The final program becomes available online a couple of weeks prior to the Conference and will also be provided on the HCEA website as well as in the HCEA Virtual Venue.


What time zone is the event based on?

All times listed in the preliminary and final program will be in eastern standard time. 


How can I purchase a printed and bound version of the Patient Education Practice Guidelines for Health Care Professionals? 
HCEA is excited to offer printed and bound copies of our Guidelines at a cost of $20 to conference attendees only (limited to one per attendee). Click here to complete the request form and pay by credit card. 


When will the next HCEA Conference take place?
HCEA will start planning for a Fall 2025 conference somewhere in the United States at the completion of this conference. More information will be on the HCEA website as it becomes available.

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